Monday, 18 September 2017

Last of the Summer...Lemons? - Fruity Novelty Bag from Always Fits

The weather this last week has turned. We have gone from long evenings with beers beside the BBQ, to blankets, winter coats and fluffy slippers in the space of what seems like a few days! I love the autumn; it is one of my favourite times of year, as I just LOVE to be cosy, but I couldn't help but feel a bit sad that summer is now over and the nights are drawing in. As much as I can't wait to embrace an autumnal pallet in  my wardrobe, I thought I would have one last 'summer shoot' before the leaves begin to fall. I donned some uncharacteristic brights and headed into the back garden to savor the last bit of summer!

I was recent contacted by a company called Always Fits, a quirky little shop across the pond that sells all kinds of lovely accessories, gifts, decor and more. They were kind enough to send me one of their items to review, their Lemon Glitter Cross Body Bag. Now, those who know me best, know that I am not usually one for brights. I cannot deal with the way they wash out my already ghost-like complexion. However, once I paired it with the Vera Blue Rose swing skirt from Chic Style Boutique and the Mandarin top in Emerald from Vivien of Holloway, I was pleasantly surprised at the result! I especially love the near to exact colour match of the Mandarin top to the leaves of the lemon.

This bag is right up my street. Why you ask? Well for one, it is completely impractical! The more impractical the handbag, the better I say! It's shaped like a damn lemon! What more could you want?In all seriousness, this bag is gorgeous, but from a practical perspective, it is not for everyday use! Getting into the bag was pretty tricky as it is quite a stiff shape and the zip is super sharp, slightly aggravating my hand! 

This bag does have some lovely details. The photos don't do it justice, at all, but it is VERY sparkly and bright. The bag features a lovely gold logo plate on the front, as well as a detachable gold chain strap. As per usual, the length of the strap (120cm) is a little long for me, as I am basically a hobbit, but for your regular sized folk out there, it will be just right! The bag also features an internal zip pocket. 

The Lemon Glitter Cross Body Bag retails at $45 (£33). Shipping to the UK is $26 (£19) but please be aware that items from the US are often subject to additional customs charges, in the region of £10+. 

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  1. I must say that you have a sense of dressing and fashion. You sure know the best way to carry yourself with your outfit. Share more of your pictures

  2. It so stylish bag ,I like it and also want to buy it for my wife but will you tell me its price ?