Thursday, 22 June 2017

Thursday Twinning - At the Beach with Rosie Leigh

I moved to Great Yarmouth 5 years ago. At the time of moving, I couldn't image living anywhere worse. Having lived in a (almost) city all of my life and then moving to within a 20 minute train ride of London, the quiet coastal villages surrounding Great Yarmouth did not appeal to me, at all. 5 years later, my Husband and I now live in Gorleston-on-Sea in our first home. This means that on a Thursday night, we can pop in the car and within 5 minutes we are on the beach, which I consider makes me a very lucky girl indeed. So. with this in mind, we popped down to the promenade for a stroll and I took the opportunity to take the Rosie Leigh Twin Set by Lindy Bop which I got from Chic Style Boutique for a spin.

Rosie Leigh Twin Set Lindy Bop Chic Style Boutique

I love this twin set and there are multiple reasons for this. My top reason is the fact that it is super comfy. The pedal pushers are made of a lightweight stretch cotton and are a little on the loose side, so they don't suffocate you like some capris. Plus, bending down doesn't require you to have 10 years experience practicing Yoga. The bolero is also really lightweight and stretchy, making for an overall super comfy outfit. 

Rosie Leigh Twin Set Lindy Bop Chic Style Boutique

I love the flower detailing on the bolero, which follows through onto the bottom of the trousers, tying both pieces of the set together really nicely. The embroidered flowers have red and yellow accents in there too, making this outfit quite versatile in terms of other colours to which it could be paired.

Rosie Leigh Twin Set Lindy Bop Chic Style Boutique

In terms of fit, this was spot on for me. I am wearing a UK Size 8. The bust size of the jacket is listed as 35 inches, which is spot on for my measurements. Unlike some other garments from Lindy Bop, there is plenty of room in the bust and the jacket was not restricting at all. The trousers came in at 26.4 inches in the waist. I am 26.5 inches and I would say that the trousers were by no means tight, so there is clearly a bit of give on this measurement. This is welcomed though, as aforementioned, skin tight capris are not always practical!

Rosie Leigh Twin Set Lindy Bop Chic Style Boutique

I paired the twin set with the Rose & Heart Print T-Shirt as the pattern on it was pretty much identical to that on the twin set and went really nicely with it. As you can see from the pictures though, this top comes up quite big!

Rosie Leigh Twin Set Lindy Bop Chic Style Boutique

The T-Shirt comes in range sizing, so 8-10, 10-12 and so on and so forth. I generally find this unhelpful, unless you are in between sizes. I am a solid Size 8. I am not a Size 10. So when outfits are listed as Size 8-10, you have to be somewhere in the middle I find to ensure a good fit; it's a bit of a gamble. The sizing for this Size 8-10 T-Shirt is listed as 35.8 inches in the bust. I am a 35 inch bust and this was really baggy around my chest, so I would suggest this comes up bigger than the listed size. Also, for some inexplicable reason, the shirt is very long! It was more like wearing a nightie than a T-Shirt? It came past my hips and when tucked into the trousers, it basically reached my crotch! The description says that it is a 'Fitted t-shirt' but I did not find this to be the case, at all. It does however list that the t-shirt is hip length, so there is no deception there, it just doesn't make much sense to me?

Most vintage style fashions require tops to be tucked into either a skirt, shorts or trousers, so I don't think this long line top is particularly suited to that purpose. It would be fine under a skirt, but it is not great for tucking into trousers or shorts.

Overall, I adore this twin set. It is comfortable, lightweight, fun and a lovely outfit for summer. I felt super cute in it and I would highly recommend it if you are looking for something a bit different!

- x - LMDW - x -

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  1. You are looking so gorgeous and wonderful in that dress. The design of the top with the flowers is making it look so good. I think that this one is far better than previous one.