Friday, 14 April 2017

My Nautical Noggin with Now - Voyager!

So last Sunday I was at the Most Curious Wedding Fair assisting the lovely Flamingo Amy on her hair and make up stall. It got to around 3pm and as things started to wind down, I took a little wander around the hall to see the other exhibitors. I came across a stall rammed with the most beautiful and quirky hair accessories, run by Now Voyager. Boss lady Felicity and I started talking and before you know it, she has come over to my stall with one of her beautiful hair clips as a gift for me!! I was so happy as I had told her on her stall how cute it was. She handed me a little sailing ship in a bottle from the new collection and I couldn't wait to get home and tell you guys all about it and Now - Voyager. So, here is the low down!

Now-Voyager Hair Clip Review Little Miss Doo Wop

Now Voyager are not your run of the mill hair accessory company. Sure they do hair flowers and fascinators, but they also do hair clips made with giant birds, life sized pieces of cake, ice creams and anything else you can imagine! All the designs are handmade by Felicity and they are so beautifully imaginative. When I went to her stall, my eyes were immediately drawn to the ship in the bottle. Not only is it super cute, but I have honestly never seen anything like it before! Not in hair clip form anyway! I just knew I had to have it!

Now-Voyager Hair Clip Review Little Miss Doo Wop

The ship in the bottle sits on a small wooden plinth with a small hair clip on the bottom. Considering the weight of the piece, I was concerned that it wouldn't stay in place as it was too heavy, but once secured with the clip, it sat perfectly in my hair. I love it! 

Now-Voyager Hair Clip Review Little Miss Doo Wop

The level of detail is beautiful and even though hand made, there are no tell tale signs of this (rogue bits of hot glue for instance). It is understated yet slightly mental at the same time - kind of like me!

Now-Voyager Hair Clip Review Little Miss Doo Wop

The hair clip is £16 which I would consider to be quite pricey, but honestly, it is such great quality and so unique that it is worth every penny! So if you like novelty, quirky and very unique hair accessories, be sure to check these guys out! 

- x - LMDW - x -

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