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New to Lady Vintage London - The Loretta Dress

When the Lady Vintage London team posted on Instagram last week that they needed an urgent dress review for a new item, I jumped at the chance to get involved. I love reviewing new dresses and getting the chance to try them on before they hit the website. Plus, I was so pleased with the first dress I reviewed for them (the Black & Teal Polka Dot Hepburn Dress) that I couldn't wait to try something new and different from Lady Vintage London.

Lady Vintage London Loretta Dress Review

First of all, the Loretta dress is stunning! It is beautifully made from a silk style fabric, featuring a deep V neckline, short sleeves, a wide waist band and a wrap style skirt. It has a zip fastening to the back and as per the Hepburn, the overall quality of the dress is perfect, something which I know a lot of ladies have come to admire about the UK brand. My personal favourite thing about the Loretta is the neckline - if you have a pair of knockers on you, make sure you carry safety goggles with you at all times; y'all be pokin' people's eyes out with this one!

Lady Vintage London Loretta Dress Review

Lady Vintage London Loretta Dress Review

Due to the speed at which the LVL Team needed to get the dress shipped out to me, I didn't have access to the Size Chart to check it. I KNOW! I KNOW! I can hear you all gasping and shaking your heads at me in disapproval! Checking the Size Guide is pinup dress shopping 101, I know this! Alas, as I didn't have the size chart, I ordered the dress in my usual Size 8, as I was hoping for some sort of standardised sizing. This tactic worked a treat for the Hepburn dress. Because it is a swing dress and the hip measurements are free, they are not quite as crucial, as long as the waist and the bust fit. However, as the Loretta dress is a wiggle, this time, I didn't get away with it.

Lady Vintage London Loretta Dress Review

I have to be honest here, this dress does not fit.

In the images above, I have pulled the dress in to highlight what it would look like if it did indeed fit. The bust at 33 inches is perfect for my 35 inch bust and clearly there is a bit of give here. The waist is slightly on the large size at 27 inches, but it is nice to have a bit of extra room here and is fine for my 26.5 inch waist. But the hips, in my opinion, are over sized for a Size 8. I have 34 inch hips and while the hip measurement is not listed on the size chart, when I measured the dress, it came in at 38 inches. You can see the size chart for the Loretta in sizes 8-22 below.

Based on the fact that 99% of the time, I fit into a Size 8 from other vintage inspired clothing retailers, I wouldn't consider this dress to be in keeping with a standard Size 8. In light of this, I have done some research into other brands and what sizes they provide for a Size 8.

The above information is taken from other leading vintage inspired clothing retailers, using similar style wiggle dresses. While I know you cannot compare apples and pears and every dress is going to vary in size from retailer to retailer, it does give some indication of the difference in sizing for Lady Vintage London. On average, all of the above retailers (except LVL) cite 35 inches as a Size 8 hip measurement, so with Lady Vintage London coming in at 38 inches, I would be inclined to say that their hip measurements come up large. I am not sure if this is across their whole range, but it is certainly the case for the Loretta. 

Lady Vintage London Loretta Dress Review
Here is the dress in its natural fit, without me pulling it in at the back. As you can see,
the hips are far too big.

What I will say about the Loretta however, is that it is true to the size chart, so if her measurements match yours, it is a match made in pinup heaven, you have the curves of a goddess and I am officially jealous!

Lady Vintage London Loretta Dress Review

I also found this dress slightly on the long side for me. I am 5ft 2in and as I am not the tallest, this is again something that I am no stranger to. This sizing issue however is not a deal breaker for me; I am quite used to having to send dresses to my seamstress to alter as they are too long or too big in the hips, so a simple alteration will make this dress work for me. I also think it is slightly unreasonable to expect every dress you ever come across to fit you personally. Every body has a slightly different body shape. Lady Vintage London are clearly catering to a classic, 50s hourglass figure and as a 50s inspired clothing company, they should. But sadly, while my heart belongs to the 50s, my 8 year old boy hips don't. 

Lady Vintage London Loretta Dress Review
Again, here is the dress at its natural fit, without me pulling it in. 

Lady Vintage London are great in that they cater to larger sized women. Their Lady Voluptuous and Plus Size ranges are no doubt a welcome addition to the vintage inspired clothing industry, opening up the style to a wider cohort of shapes and sizes. I do however think that the ethos of catering to a larger, more traditional 1950s style shape, has filtered though to the mainline Lady Vintage range, causing it to be sized ever so slightly larger than that of other retailers. I am not saying this is wrong, as this will work for a large group of people. It just sadly doesn't work for me.

Lady Vintage London Loretta Dress Review

Overall, I love this dress. The neckline is killer, the fabric is beautiful and the fit on the upper half of the dress is spot on, but sadly the hip measurements are far too big for me and for a 'standard' Size 8 in my opinion. I would highly recommend this dress if you have a bigger waist to hip ratio and some shape to your hips. Sadly I don't think I will be able to wear wiggle dresses from Lady Vintage in the future, unless the hip measurements are reduced. But like I said, if these measurements work for you, you will SLAY in the Loretta! 

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to love you and leave you. My "How to Get Bigger Thighs, Hips and Butt in 7 Days" DVD has just turned up! 

- x - LMDW - x - 

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