Thursday, 3 November 2016

October Pinup Picks

Today on the blog, I am rounding up all the stuff I have been swooning over for the past month. These Pinup Pick blog posts are highlighting just how fast this year is passing. I can't quite believe that it is November already! Actually, I can, as my old lady feet are starting to play up. Ahhhh winter! 

Collectif Vintage Pearl Coat

OK, so this coat strictly only came out a few days ago, so it is not really an October pick, but I had to include it! The Collectif Pearl coat is BACK and it has been released in a brand new colourway - red red wine! This has to be, by far, my favorite colourway of this coat. Something about that rich red colour screams Autumn. It is currently in stock on the Collectif website in sizes 6-18, but I would not hang around to get your hands on this. These coats are so popular and fly off the shelves. However, don't forget, Black Friday is on the 25th November, which means that some of these must haves could be greatly reduced! Keep your eyes peeled and your wits sharp Collectif lovers! The Collectif Pearl Coat retails at £196 with free delivery and is available from

Collectif Vintage Pearl Coat

Cinderella Collection - Irregular Choice

When the rumor mill started that Irregular Choice were bringing out a Cinderella collection, I literally almost died. Not figuratively, literally. They teased us with the collection all through October and then, last week, it arrived. Like Cinderella's attendance at the ball, as quickly as it arrived, it was gone again. Almost the entire collection sold out within minutes of launching. If I had £150 to spend on a pair of shoes (which, I'm sure you've learnt by now, I don't!), I would have snapped up the Sparkling Slipper in silver, because, LOOK AT IT!!! My dreams of being a Disney Princess would have been accomplished. Alas, all we can do now people is look at the pretty pictures and hope that perhaps, someday, a dream that I wish, will come true. The Irregular Choice Sparkling Slipper retails at £150 (currently out of stock) and is available from (if they re-stock!) PLEASE!! 

Irregular Choice Cinderella Sparking Slipper

Vivien of Holloway - Swagger Jacket

OK. So I love this jacket and hate it in equal measure and here is why. When I look at it, I fall in love with the cut, colourways (of which there are 8!!) versatility and warmth potential. But then, the 2011 Number 1 hit 'Swagger Jagger' by Cher Lloyd comes into my head, gets stuck for 5 days straight and I have to pretend I never laid eyes on the blasted thing. But I did. I laid my eyes on it and I really, really want the White Fleck colourway this winter. To be honest, I love it that much that I think if I were to buy one, I could put up with hearing 2011's official Most Annoying Song on repeat. The Swagger Jagger, I mean, Jacket, retails at £149 and is available from 

"Swagger Jacket, Swagger Jacket..." It's in your head now, isn't it? Soz.

Swagger Jacket Vivien of Holloway

- x - LMDW - x -

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