Monday, 24 October 2016

Cocktails with Lady V - Polka Dot Hepburn Dress from Lady V London - Review

Sometimes, I enjoy nothing more than getting dressed up all fancy like and sipping on a nice cocktail! Which is exactly what I did this weekend! After pouring myself a Gin Sling (and then several more), I sat down in the new Black and Teal Polka Dot Hepburn Dress from Lady V London. This dress is pin up perfection and here is why!

Black & Teal Polka Dot Hepburn Dress Lady V London Review

First and foremost, this is my first piece from Lady V London and I am really rather impressed. Delivery was super quick and the Hepburn ticks all of the boxes for me. The main box it ticks, is the fact that it is has a polka dot print. I love polka dots. To be honest, I don't think you can ever go wrong with them! The colour is also perfectly muted for this time of year, so matches well with a black coat and shoes, while adding just the right splash of colour.

Black & Teal Polka Dot Hepburn Dress Lady V London Review

The dress is made of a lovely Cotton Sateen fabric, which is really lightweight and easy to wear. It is a lot thinner than some of my other dresses, which threw me at first, but it was actually rather nice to have a full flared skirt on and not feel bogged down in it. The dress also comes with a little faux suede belt which has sufficient loops for a number of waist sizes.

In terms of fit, I am wearing a UK Size 8 and I have the following measurements: Waist: 26.5in, Bust: 35in, Hips: free. According to the size chart, the bust comes in at 33in and the waist 27in, but I had no problems with fit. I would say that the dresses run true to size as while it did fit, it felt slightly larger on me than some of my other dresses. However, this is never an issue as it just means I can eat more cake.

Black & Teal Polka Dot Hepburn Dress Lady V London Review

The only thing I had an issue with regarding this dress was the length, but at 5ft 2in, this is a recurring theme for me. I could have done with it being a fair few inches shorter, but this is something that can be altered. You lofty girls though have nothing to worry about!

In order to get the full skirt effect as pictured here and on the website, a petticoat is an essential. I am wearing a 27in petticoat here. It can be worn without one, but it just takes the style of the dress to the next level by cinching you in at the waist and maximizing that full skirt.

Black & Teal Polka Dot Hepburn Dress Lady V London Review

The dress is fastened by a hidden zip which runs down the back of the dress which is nice and simple. There are no awkward hooks and eyes to contend with (which, if I'm honest, I leave open half the time, as how many of us have the dexterity or eyes in the back of our heads to do the blasted things up!).

As far as well made, classic, good fitting vintage inspired dresses go, Lady V London have ticked all the boxes with the Hepburn. It is an absolute wardrobe staple in my view and I cannot wait to get my hands on every colourway of this dress! Jolly well done!

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