Monday, 24 August 2015

Pinup Girl Boutique: Honeymoon Haul

For those of you who read my blog regularly, you will know that I planned to go and visit the Pinup Girl Boutique in Burbank California whilst on my honeymoon. You'll be pleased to know that I went, I shopped and I returned with my Pinup Girl cherry well and truly popped! It was awesome and totally worth narrowly avoiding getting divorced quicker than Britney Spears in 2004, after Spencer realised just how much of the honeymoon budget I had actually spent!

If you have not been to Burbank, CA before, it is absolutely great for vintage shopping. Pinup Girl and Unique Vintage are among the row of fabulous shops that line the Magnolia Boulevard vintage district. If you are in the area, it is well worth a visit. I plan to do another blog post on my whole shopping experience in Magnolia Park soon, so please do watch out for that!

Pinup Girl Clothing Boutique
I kept all the tags from all the clothes that I brought - I'm sad like that. 
But for now, let me tell you about my PUG experience! We got off of the subway about 3 miles from were we actually needed to be; Magnolia Boulevard is long!! After walking for what seemed like a day, we finally reached the Pinup Girl Boutique which is at 3606 W Magnolia Boulevard. We walked in and I can only describe my behaviour as that of a Supermarket Sweep contestant during the final Big Sweep round. I knew what I was looking for, due to the hours of drooling I had done over the PUG website prior to my visit, so I went straight in and picked up my most wanted items. 

The first thing that struck me about the boutique was how big, bright and beautifully presented it was; everything just sparkled!! I was the only customer in the shop at the time and I had no trouble finding exactly what I was looking for. A very helpful Shop Assistant asked me if there was anything she could help me with as well, which was nice. 

Pinup Girl Boutique Pinup Couture Burbank California
The view inside the Pinup Girl Boutique
 including a very disgruntled Mr Dye! 
I picked up some items and another Shop Assistant kindly took each item I selected to the changing rooms, so they were ready for me to try on once I had finished browsing. Whilst I thought this was very helpful, Spencer did not. He felt that this level of enabling was not necessary, as all it did was free up my arms on which to drape more clothes! It was at this point that Spencer wisely took a seat and opened up a new game of Angry Birds. He knew he was not getting out of the shop any time soon!

After browsing for about 20 minutes, I decided that it was probably time to go and try some items on. So I made my way into the gorgeous changing rooms, complete with movie star lighting! 

Pinup Girl Boutique
The Pinup Girl Boutique movie star mirror!
Firstly, I tried on the Jenny Skirt in Italian Landscape. I picked up every item I liked in a Size Small, as the sizing charts on the PUG website indicated that this would be the best size for me. I have a 26 inch waist, however, I found the Small in the Jenny was a hands width too big around the waist, so I opted for a XS. Therefore based on my experience, I would suggest that the Jenny skirts come up slightly larger than suggested. Nevertheless, this skirt is amazing. It is thick, full, secure and incredibly versatile. I have seen how popular these skirts are with ladies in the vintage community and I can see why. I cannot wait to add more to my collection! 

I then tried on the Lauren Top in White. I opted for a Size Small and again, it was too big on me, so I had to size down to an XS. I have a 34 inch bust and 26 inch waist. The neckline on the top is quite low and the top is almost boned in terms of structure, so I would suggest that this top is meant to be worn tight, hence the need to size down. The zip that goes down the back of the top squeezes you in to ensure a tight fit. They did not have an XS in the white colourway, so the Shop Assistant kindly suggested I try the Olive. Now. This did not appeal to me at first. I don't think I have ever worn any shade of green in my life, but when teamed with the Italian Landscape Jenny, it looked great! Whilst I was thankful to the Shop Assistant for this help, Spencer was not. This was evidenced by the loud huffs and sighs I could hear over the occasional sound of a bird being slingshot into a fence. 

Pinup Girl Jenny Skirt Lauren Top
Me at home in my Jenny skirt and Lauren top. 
With 2 items in the bag, I continued to try on some more. Next was the Deadly Dames Voodoo Vixen Top in Black.  I picked up a Size Small and this fit me perfectly first time. So I don't think there is as much of a need to size down here, as they come up true to size. These tops are amazing! Again, they are zipped at the back and have an almost boned structure to them, which pull you in and push you up in all the right places! There is nothing more to say about this top, other than its awesome! 

The Deadly Dames Voodoo Vixen Top
Next was the Deadly Dames Halter Top in Black. This top is super cute and again, like the Voodoo Vixen, runs true to size. A Size Small in this top was perfect on me also. I would say that it came up ever so slightly bigger than the Voodoo Vixen, but not enough to size down. This top again zips up at the back and comes with a detachable skull on the front. The skull is attached with a clip, which means that you don't constantly damage the top by pinning it on and off. Plus is it easy to take off when washing and wearing on other tops. I generally love anything with skulls on, so this top is totes up my straza. 

Pinup Girl Deadly Dames Halter Top
The Deadly Dames Halter Top in Black
A really nice surprise for me was to see some items in the sale in the boutique. I had not intended on buying any accessories, but when I saw that the Amoeba Handbag in Red was on sale ($45 down from $98) I just had to have it and Spencer agreed! This bag is big! It is probably double the width of my body and can hold quite a fair bit, despite its odd shape. It is certainly more of day bag than an evening bag based on its size. It has a chrome clasp which, while extremely secure, is a real pain to open. It is a good job it has little chrome feet on the bottom, as I have to place it down every time I want to open it, which is a bit annoying. However, this bag is sturdy, secure and comes with a zipped and open inner pocket for all your crap! 

Pinup Girl Amoeba Handbag Accessories
The Amoeba Handbag in Red. 
As you may have guessed from my shopping basket so far, I have a thing for black and red! And the obsession does not stop there! Enter the Deadly Dames Capri Pants in Red. These were on my wish list and I am so glad that I got them. I picked them up in a Size Small and they fit like a glove. They zip at the back and come with a wide black patent belt, which is great to wear with other items in your wardrobe; a lovely cheeky bonus! 

Pinup Girl Deadly Dames Capris Pants Red
Deadly Dames Capri Pants in Red
Now for something completely different. On my wishlist I had the Voodoo Vixen Dress in Black, but I am so glad that I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried on the Tiger Print colourway. This dress is amazing. The quality is unbelievable and the fit! I can't even! I tried on a Size Small and I swear, it was like it was made for me! I am a 34 inch bust, so I would suggest this dress come up quite small. Once I had navigated how to actually get in the thing, I didn't want to take it off. I wore this dress for a meal out in Hawaii and it was just perfect. Like the Voodoo Vixen tops, the back zip clinches you in tightly and creates killer cleavage, whilst the skirt flows and moves as you walk. It is hands down, my favourite dress, ever.

Pinup Girl Clothing Voodoo Vixen Tiger Print
Voodoo Vixen Dress in Tiger Print
So that concludes my first PUG experience! I am so glad that I actually had the once in a lifetime opportunity to go to the Pinup Girl Boutique and try these items on first hand. I know that had I ordered some items online I would have been faced with the nightmare of items that didn't fit. So this trip enabled me to get a sense of what size I am in PUG. If you are a PUG virgin and you need any sizing advice, please do let me know and I will try and help if I can!

On a side note, I happened to see Miss Rockabilly Ruby in the boutique whilst I was checking out. She was with a client at the time doing their hair in the Boutique salon, so I didn't want to disturb her. So naturally I just stared at her until I freaked her out. #Standard. I was really gutted I didn't get to say hello though. She was one of the first people I followed on Instagram and it would have been really awesome to meet her. Maybe next time...

- x - LMDW - x -