Tuesday, 24 February 2015

House of Satin - vintage style lingerie review

I follow the gorgeous @amberrosetheron on Instagram, who brought House of Satin to my attention a couple of weeks ago. I have wanted to extend my vintage wardrobe into lingerie for some time, yet as I have not robbed a bank recently, I have found it quite difficult, as vintage style lingerie seems to cost a small fortune. So I was more than giddy when I heard about House of Satin - specialists in vintage style lingerie that is affordable!

As soon as I heard about this new company, I went straight onto their website to check them out (they also have an eBay page). The first thing that struck me about this small company was the huge range of items that they have in stock - bras, briefs, suspender belts, girdles, corsets, camisoles, french knickers, nightwear and slips! Not only do they have a huge range of items, but they all come in a range of lovely colours.

I am new to vintage style lingerie, yet as the items from House of Satin are so affordable, I didn't want to play it too safe! I went straight in and ordered a Vintage Style Satin Full Coverage Bra and a matching Black Satin Girdle.

I ordered the Vintage Style Full Coverage Bra in black, in a 32D for a penny pinching £9.95. I would have expected quite a low quality for this price, but I was pleasantly surprised when the bra arrived. The bra is made form a lovely satin material and has a secure 3-tooth fastening at the back. It has fully adjustable, wide straps and is of a really good quality. I believe that the bras run true to size, as I have had no problems with fit. It should be noted that this is one of the most comfortable bras that I have ever worn. It has no under wire, yet due to its design, it it both lightweight and comfortable, yet still offers sufficient support. One of the main things that surprised me about this bra is its wearability. Being a vintage style bra, I thought that it would be highly impractical for everyday wear, but it is really nice to wear under pretty much anything. The bra is not a full bullet bra style, yet it does have a small point to the cups, so they do protrude ever so slightly when wearing thinner tops.

House of Satin vintage style bra and girdle set
The House of Satin Vintage Style Satin Full Coverage Bra
and the Vintage Style Satin Girdle.

So the girdle was something new for me. I ordered the Vintage Style Black Satin Girdle in a size Small which, (based on the size guide on the website - 27 - 31 inch waist) I was worried would be a bit too big for me. It is a fraction on the loose side at the waist, so considering I am a 26 inch waist, I would suggest that the girdle runs true to size. The satin material from which it is made is silky smooth; clothes just simply glide over it. The tummy control panel at the front also does a brilliant job of smoothing out any lumps and bumps! Again this item is super affordable at £15.50, yet there is no compromise on quality. The 6 metal stocking clips are by no means flimsy and hold up stockings securely. This item is really wearable and would be perfect under a wiggle dress for either day or night.

I'm really pleased with my purchases. I am really glad that this small company is doing so well and I am also glad that I can now build up my vintage lingerie wardrobe without having to don my balaclava and head out in the dead of night with a swag bag. I would love to see a range of stockings become available from this company, as this would mean you have a whole lingerie outfit under one virtual roof, so hopefully they will expand their range in the future. I think a range of budget seamed stockings would sell like hot cakes! I highly recommend House of Satin to anyone who is new to vintage lingerie. Thanks guys for making me feel so fabulous, even on a cold Tuesday morning!

- x - LMDW - x -

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Victory Roll tutorial

As I mentioned in my last post, the lovely @rozellerose on Instagram asked me to do a Victory Roll tutorial and I was so incredibly flattered and excited to do it. I have spent the last 9 months perfecting this hairstyle. I am not naturally talented when it comes to hair styling, so it has therefore taken me forever to master. If you are a bit more handy with a brush, it may not take you quite as long. However, as with all hair styling, practice makes perfect! If you are anything like me, your first attempt at Victory Rolls will look terrible! Yet in time, with enough dedication, even the most ungirly girl (like me) can master this style! I will no doubt post more tutorials as I perfect other vintage styles (and my hair grows back!), so please do keep a look out for those!

So, here is how I do my Victory Roll!

Victory Roll Tutorial

Stuff you will need:
  • Curling tongs
  • Backcombing brush
  • Barrel brush
  • Hairspray
  • Pomade 
  • Bobby pins
  • Chiffon head scarf
  • Hair clips

Never attempt Victory Rolls on clean, freshly washed and dried hair. It is impossible! I usually wash my hair and leave it to dry over night and then style it for about another 1-2 days. You can adjust this time depending on how greasy your hair gets. But natural grease in your hair is your best friend when it comes to Victory Rolls. If your hair does tend to get greasy quickly, try some dry shampoo to freshen it up. 

Step 1: 

The first thing that you need to do is to section off your hair at the front. Do this by taking the pointed end of your backcombing brush and drawing a semi circle from one side of your face to the other. Then divide the hair section into 3 strands. If you have particularly thick hair, you may want to divide the section up a bit more to make sure you get a good curl.

Victory Roll TutorialVictory Roll Tutorial

Step 2:

Next you want to curl and backcomb these sections. Using your curling tongs, curl the first section of hair inwards, so you are rolling it towards you. Then lightly spray at the roots and gently tease the hair, so that it stands up of its own accord. Make sure that you backcomb the inside of the strand. Repeat this with the remaining sections.

Victory Roll TutorialVictory Roll Tutorial

Step 3:

Once all of your sections have been curled and backcombed, apply a small amount of Pomade or fixing gel to control the fly aways and to also shape the hair. (I use Suavecita Pomade which is brilliant. It is available from Amazon for around £12). You can also use the backcombing brush and run it over the hair to control any strays.

Victory Roll TutorialVictory Roll Tutorial
Step 4: 

Brush through the ends of the hair sections to make one large section. Then, starting from the bottom, roll your hair upwards towards your head using your fingers. Roll the hair quite tight; you can always loosen the roll later. Once the roll is in place, you can pull it around and shape it until you are happy. Secure it with bobby pins (making sure to secure it from the inside to avoid the bobby pins showing). 

Victory Roll TutorialVictory Roll Tutorial

Step 5: 

Once the victory roll is secure and you are happy with it, lightly spray with hairspray and using the back of the backcombing brush, run it over the roll to control any fly aways, You can also apply some more pomade if required.

Victory Roll Tutorial

Step 6:

Once you victory roll is done, take your square head scarf and bring two of the corners together to make a triangle. Put the edge of the scarf at the back of your hair, bring the two corners up (make sure to bring them up over your ears) and tie in a bow. There will be a little bit of the scarf that pops out of the top. Just tuck this little fella underneath the knot you have just tied. Secure the sides of the scarf to your head with either bobby pins or clips (I find that clips are a bit more secure yet they are more visible) and tie a bow at the top.

Victory Roll TutorialVictory Roll TutorialVictory Roll Tutorial

Victory Roll Tutorial

And you are done!

Victory Roll Tutorial

I really hope this was helpful? Please be sure to show me your Victory Rolls on Instagram! 

- x - LMDW - x -

Friday, 13 February 2015

A brief history of hair

One of my gorgeous followers on Instagram (@Rozellerose aka Nicola), told me the other day that she has hair envy..of my hair! As much as I found this utterly flattering, it was quite odd to think of someone lusting after my hair, when I happen to absolutely detest it right now!

I have always liked to change my hair. While I was at uni, I sported quite a few different styles, spending hundreds of pounds a time on it. Yet when I left uni, I realised that bright pink and white hair didn't potential scream "employ me", nor was it affordable on an interns lack of salary! 

'The Blond Mullet' 2008
Blond, with a purple fringe and black extensions! 2008
White blond with pink fringe! 2009
So I returned from white blond with a pink fringe, to brown. It looked so alien that even my Fiance didn't recognise me after the transformation. I hated it. I decided to grow it out and keep it brown for a while, at least until I found my way into a steady job.

Back to boring brown! 2010
Long brown locks in 2014
Yet last year, after 4 years of the torture of boring long brown hair, I decided to cut it off. My hair had grown down to my chest by this time and was beautiful, yet I didn't know anything about styling it. I tried to curl it once and failed miserably. Instead of persisting with trying to style it, I decided that the only solution was to lop it off and start again, which I did.

First I cut it into a bit of a 'Frankie from S Club 7' (you know, that massively well known and popular style?!) - short at the back with lots of layering on the top for volume. This worked for me for a while, yet I quickly got bored. So I decided (12 months before I was due to get married!) "I know, I will shave half of it off!" So, I did!

'The Buzz Cut' 2014
I loved it! I had wanted to shave it off for years and I had finally taken the plunge. But once I had done it, the novelty was gone, and I started to long for my hair back! The main reason being was that it dawned on me that I was getting married in 12 months! What on earth was I going to do with my hair! Also, this was around the time that I started to get into pinup, so I was experimenting with victory rolls using the long section of my hair. I wanted my hair back so I could do more styles and perfect my look.

So the only option I had was to grow it out. This was made easy by my favorite accessory - the head scarf! (I get mine from Bow & Crossbones as they have a huge range of colours and they are only £3.50)

I have been growing out my shaved hair for about 9 months now and I am lucky in that my hair grows quite quickly. I have been giving it a bit of a helping hand by doing regular coconut oil treatments at home, which is said to help promote faster hair growth, and I have seen a difference.

While my hair has been growing, it has enabled me to practice, practice, practice and I can now do a killer Victory Roll. Yet I cannot wait for my hair to grow longer so I can do bumper bangs, double victory rolls, wet sets and curls!

Victory Rolls
My Victory Roll! 2015
I have never considered myself a 'girly girl'. Make up and hair styling have never come naturally to me (as you can see from my shocking history of attempts and fails!). Yet discovering pinup has given me a new found passion for these things and made me excited to do them, as opposed to considering them a chore! I have always struggled to find a hair style that suits me and that I can manage; often giving up if its too much hard work or just changing my style drastically. So I am so happy to have found my style!

For those of you who are new to pinup up hair and are where I was about 9 months ago, the only advice I can give to you is PERSISTENCE! Your first few attempts will look rubbish (God knows mine did) but you will get there in the end!

I have been asked by the beautiful @Rozellerose on Instagram to do a Victory Roll tutorial on my blog and I will put that up soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

- x - LMDW - x -

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

May the wings of your eyeliner always be even

I am 27 years old, yet it is only over the last 3 or so years that I have begun to master the art of applying make up properly. For me, it is something which has never come particularly naturally and has always taken a hell of a lot of practice and patience.

Yet recently, I have discovered (and somewhat late to the party!) that applying make up successfully is not just about skill, it is also about finding the right tools to do the job - and boy have I been using the wrong tools! 

I have worn eyeliner for quite a while, yet mastering 'flicks', 'cateyes', whatever you want to call them, is something that I have always wanted, yet never managed. I have tried lots of different brands and types of eyeliners over the years, but none have managed to give me result I want - until now. I was using an eyeliner pen, yet it was not giving me the precision that I wanted. I then started to use L'Oreal Superliner Gel Intenza in Pure Black and I am so glad that I made the switch to gel eyeliner. This eyeliner is amazing. 

L'Oreal Superliner Gel Intenza in Pure Black

When I picked it up in the shop, I felt like an idiot. The reason being I was convinced that I didn't have anywhere near the skill level required to apply it! It looked like something a professional makeup artist would use and that is not me! I was however, surprised at the price. It only costs £9.99 which I thought was quite reasonable, considering that it also comes with a brush. This is nice, as it means you can get started immediately without having to buy a separate brush. The one thing I will say about the brush is that it is flat and not angled, which makes precision application not quite as easy as with other eyeliner brushes. 

L'Oreal Superliner Gel Intenza in Pure Black

The texture of the eyeliner gel itself is like silk. It glides onto the eye so easily and smoothly and is really lovely to apply. The amount provided in the pot is also pretty generous, so you get quite a lot for your money too; you hardly need to use any at all to get good coverage. The best thing about this eyeliner is its staying power. It claims to be a 24 hour eyeliner - and it really is. Once it is on your face, that's it, it is staying put! I cannot count the times I have scratched, rubbed and knocked my eye during the day to find that my eyeliner has not moved an inch. Its so good that when I am removing my make up, it almost doesn't want to come off! The only downside of this, is that, if you make a mistake during application, the rest of your face suffers and it tends to be a bit of a ball ache to correct it. 

L'Oreal Superliner Gel Intenza in Pure Black

You can pick this eyeliner up from Boots, Superdrug etc for £9.99 and I would really recommend it. It is great value for money, good quality, easy to use (after a bit of practice) and long lasting. 

- x - LMDW - x -