Wednesday, 31 December 2014

What's in a name?

As I am still fairly new to blogging and the pin up scene, I thought that I would write a little mini post, explaining the roots of my name - Little Miss Doo Wop.

Since I started to adopt a pin up lifestyle, my Fiance has constantly referred to it as my 'Doo Wop Society'. We would be out shopping and he would see a girl with victory rolls and say "Hey Em, is she part of your Doo Wop Society?". Also, regardless of the genre or the artist I was listening to at the time (Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, The Andrews Sisters etc) he would always refer to me "bopping away to her doo wop again!" 

So it became a bit of a running joke, until I decided to turn his playful mocking into something useful - a new name to go with my new found identity. I decided to call myself Little Miss Doo Wop on Instagram and I think that there has been a positive response. Many famous pin up models have a pin up alter ego, so in order to take my lifestyle to the next stage, I needed one too. 

I spent ages going through vintage girls names, vintage themes and other people's pinup names, to try and piece something together which not only sounded catchy, but also reflected a bit of my personality too, but I just couldn't come up with anything. I didn't want to just pick something because it sounded good either - I wanted it to have meaning. Eventually, I decided it should contain the words Doo Wop, as this was basically already a pet name for me. I am 5ft 2in and look about 18 years old, so Little Miss seemed a perfect prefix. Little Miss Doo Wop was born! 

I like the name that I have chosen as not only is it unique (I did a Google search before I settled on it, to ensure no one else was using it!) but it also means something to me and to my Fiance, who, despite his mocking, is massively supportive of me and my new hobby! I am very grateful to Spencer for being my muse and helping me come up with it! 

So there you go. A little insight for you as to why I am called Little Miss Doo Wop. Although, if you see me on the street, you are more than welcome to call me Emily! 

Little Miss Doo Wop

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